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For many years the DCN Europe team provides certified trainings for specialists of telecom branch. Broad test-training facility let us to accomodate perfect conditions to handle advanced practice trainings similiar to real work duties. What is more, our comprehensive training courses and way of conducting them let us reach out to beginners as well as to advanced admins involved in matters of switches administration.

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Basic configuration of DCN switches training

Management of DCN switches

Management with console port and telnet/ssh/http/SNMP protocols, configuration of SVI at switch, management of config files, firmware’s update.

Network’s scalability at DCN

Ports’ aggregation, trunking/vlan, port isolation, loops’ problem in network, LLDP protocol.

Layer 3 usage on switches.

VLAN interfaces (SVI), routing between VLANs, default/static routes

Basic diagnostics of the network

Interpreting of diagnostic commands, events’ logging, network troubleshooting with traffic mirroring


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Advanced training 


DHCP options, DHCP Relay, DHCP Snooping, Configuration

DHCP options, DHCP Relay, DHCP Snooping, Configuration

Port Security, DCHP snooping, IP Source Guard, DYnamic ARP Inspection, ACL


Logging + info-center

PoE - Power over Ethernet

Routing + VRF

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Wi-Fi devices configuration 

Schemas of possible configurations

Licenses’ usage

AP management

Adding / deleting AP, manual and automatic addition

Management of configuration patterns

Network configuration, configuration of AP patterns



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DCN switches configuration - ISP  module 


Basic QinQ, Selective QinQ, Flexible QinQ

VLANs' Translation

1 to 1, N to 1

IGMP - basics

BPDU - tunnel

Multicast configuration

PIM router


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DCN switches configuration - VSF module 

VSF - introduction


Creation of a member, priority setting, creation of port-groups and intefaces’ assigning to them, work mode conversion, setting of auto-merging, firmware synchronisation

Switches update

Adding a new member to working VSF

Existing member’s modification

Useful commands

Adding descriptions to members, config synchronisation, VSL load-balancing, mac-address table synchronisation, stack rebuild after change VSL port’s state, reporting of VSF link states, forcing new master role, VSF domain


VSF MAD exclude, VSF MAD restore           


BFD MAD detection      


Problems regarding firmware update, diagostic commands


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